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Campus Wireless Network MAC Authentication Registration Process

update date : 2024-06-05

Use of personal computer / mobile device to add registration information

Use of personal computer / mobile device to delete registration information


What is MAC address?

Every network interface card has a unique identifier. This identifier is called MAC (Media Access Control) address, which is a physical address comprising six groups of hexadecimal digits. MAC addresses are composed of two parts: the first three groups of digits represent the Manufacture ID, which is a manufacturer’s ID, and the last three groups of digits represent the Card ID, which is the network card number. These two groups of ID enable us to physically distinguish each network card. In theory, no two cards in the world have the same MAC address.

Use of a personal computer/mobile device to add MAC information


Choosing a WIFI base station:

1.    Check thatNCHUis the WIF base station to which your personal computer is connected.


Registering MAC information:

1.    Login by using faculty/staff/student email and password.
2.    Difference between registered and unregistered MAC:
      a.    MAC is automatically registered after you login for the first time. You can continuously use the Internet for seven days without entering your account password.
      b.    Every time you connect to the Internet using a registered personal computer, you do not need to type in your account password when logging in, unless the information is deleted automatically by the system (after 7 days when registration expires) or manually by the user.


Enter your account password:

1.    Enter email password.
2.    A set of email and password can be used on more than one or multiple devices; to register a new device, please use the registration information of the new device first.





Use of a personal computer/mobile device to delete MAC information

Deleting registration information:

1.    To delete the registration information, type in in the device browser address bar.
2.    Use your university email as the account username.
3.    Enter your account password to login.


Choosing which device to delete:

1.    Check that the information is correct before clicking the delete icon.


Deleting registration information:

1.    Click Yesto delete.





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